If you want to enjoy a diferent experience, you can choose a jetski safari where you can live the feeling of rapidity, greatness landscapes, valleys, caves, beaches... from a point of view incomparable. And if you want to try snorkel in a bay in cristal waters !!


About Jetski

You can do a lot of activities during your holidays but only a few gonna make you feel it so special !!

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Tour types
30 Minutes

60€ (1 PAX 1 MOTO) / 70€ (2 PAX 1 MOTO)

Route with arrival in Perchel de Mogán
1 Hour

110€ (1 PAX 1 MOTO) / 130€ (2 PAX 1 MOTO)

Route with arrival in Tasarte
2 Hours

200€ (1 PAX 1 MOTO) / 220€ (2 PAX 1 MOTO)

Route with arrival in Güigüí

If you want some kind of private tour or more information please contact us.

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